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Recording done! Empty Recording done!

Post  jerryfie on Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:27 am

Hi everybody,
Well we finally finished the recording! I did the mixing with a few tips from Mr. Zee from Irondog Studios, and our friend Eric St. Cyr from Eric's Academy of Music did the mastering. I asked him to do it hot but not too hot. I personally think the volume war with music compressed to bits and with no dynamics is too much. Anyway, we have a wonderful artist, CÚcile "Azylis" Guillot of France working on the artwork, you can already see her cover art here and on our website! And of course, I'd like to thank my GF Shelle (who is also on the AraPacis e-Team) for all her suggestions, pictures and criticisms. Smile And a big thanks to Caz from Femme Metal Records for making this possible!
And Lizzie is going on a nice long trip out Western Canada after pouring her heart out on this album! So have fun Lizzie!
More news soon!

Cheers, Jerry

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